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Didn't I Tell You That I Don't Need Friends?
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Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date July 10, 2015
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Didn't I Tell You I Don't Need Friends? is the second episode of the anime series Aoharu x Machinegun.

This episode introduces the character Toru Yukimura.


Hotaru now joins Masamune in his survival games and joins his team ToyGunGun. Hotaru Tachibana is woken up by Masamune Matsuoka early in the morning and is dragged to a meeting place and battlefield to where they will be playing survival games. Hotaru is still in her pajamas and is told by Masamune to get changed into the battle clothes that he has ready for her. After Hotaru has finished changing she leaves the girl's toilets and is caught by an unknown man with messy black hair and black-framed glasses. Shocked, she stands there without saying a thing. Thinking Hotaru was boy, the man says it is normal as he does it as well for his job. When Hotaru leaves the man notices her armband which says 'ToyGunGun' and calls out to her and calls her gross and that she is a pervert. Hotaru now meets up with Masamune standing with the unknown man. She then finds out that man was in fact Tōru Yukimura, the other member of team ToyGunGun.

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