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He's Not Cut Out for That Tournament
Koitsu wa ano taikai ni wa mui tené yo" (こいつはあの大会には向いてねぇよ)
Koitsu wa ano taikai ni wa mui tené yo" (こいつはあの大会には向いてねぇよ)
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date July 24, 2015
Written by Konuta Takeshi, Koshiba JunWataru
Directed by Koshiba JunWataru, Mina Ito
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He's Not Cut Out for That Tournament is the fourth episode of Aoharu x Machinegun anime series.


Yukimura clashes with Midori, as some past issues concerning Masamune and their past feuds were brought up. Caught in a rifle accuracy test which she fails at, Hotaru goes up against the gun store manager as her last resort to win her G3 SAS gun.

With two weeks left till the commencement of the TCG (Top Combat Game) tournament, Team Toy Gun Gun participate in a survival game event to get all the practice they need, and for the twin purpose of training Hotaru, a novice at survival games. Things don't turn out as expected for Hotaru, and in consequence of her fall-out with Matsuoka, she is sent on to play on the opponent's team. With the introduction of a new character, will Hotaru be able to learn a thing or two and grow from her mistakes?

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  • Crap! This feeling… I felt this on the battlefield before. Pure bloodlust! - Toshizō Usanagi
  • What is this kid? He’s a monster. - Toshizō Usanagi
  • It’s true that he’s not a good shot, he’s stubborn, and he insists on his stupid sense of justice. But that’s what drives him. Toward both his goals, and his opponents. He voraciously attacks them with his overpowering instincts. That’s our trump card. - Tōru Yukimura