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Nagamasa Midori
Midori Nagamasa.jpg
Name Nagamasa Midori
Kanji 緑 永将
Rōmaji Midori Nagamasa
Alias Midori-sensei (Ichi)

Midori (Yukimura)

Midori-san (Hotaru, Masamune, Fujimoto)

Age 28
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 175 cm (5'9")
Weight 62 Kg
Birthday February 29
Blood type AB
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Green
Professional Statistics
Team Team Hoshishiro
Occupation Doctor
Position Attacker/Leader
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 3
Anime Okitsu Kazuyuki
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Nagamasa Midori (Japanese: 緑永将 Midori Nagamasa) is the leader of the opposition team, Hoshishiro. He is Masamune's ex-partner in Survial Games and the reason for Masamune's participatation at the TGC.


Nagamasa appears to be a very kind man, especially to the women and children in the hospital. However he seems to have a two-sided personality, easily switching between dispositions in a short span of time. When talking to Matsuoka Masamune he takes on a slight sadistic act, reflecting back to a few episodes ago when he had Tôru Yukimura in a headlock against the table and even going as far on commenting on how Masamune had not tamed him yet and then in other moments returning to being immensely friendly to Hotaru.

Midori is polite in his approach with conversing with people and making a good first impression on people he comes across with. He appears to be chivalrous and courteous, leading Hotaru to think of him as a kind person when they first meet in Episode 3. Many women and children in the hospital adore him alot because of this, with some women commenting on how good looking he is. This may appear to be him placing a facade for the people that don't genuinely know him well, as he is shown to have bi-polar personality, taking on two different attitudes in a short span of a moment. Such as when talking to Matsuoka Masamune he takes on a slight sadistic act, reflecting back to a few episodes ago when he had Tôru Yukimura in a headlock against the table even going as far on commenting on how Masamune had not tamed him yet. Nagamasa is however immensely friendly to Hotaru. He is seen to show sadistic natures multiple times during battles where he would taunt his opponents and 'kill' them in a rather painful manner. We can also see his sadistic nature In the manga's extra chapter when Hoshishiro met up and hung out with Ichi's friends and played the King's Game.


Nagamasa has dark green hair and pale blue eyes, average build. He is noted to have a kind looking and a gentlemanly appearance, as was pointed out by Hotaru in the manga. During the TGC, Nagamasa wears the standard Team Hoshishiro uniform which consists of a standard white naval suit, a black inner shirt, and a white tie. He also wears a naval hat which on the top is outlined with yellow, to match with the suit and the same pair of protection glasses as Takatora Fujimoto, Nagamasa also has a similar like red earpiece to communicate with his team during Survival Games. Unlike Fujimoto, Midori's naval suit is shorter and only goes down mid thigh. He also wears a black belt around his jacket.


Tooru Yukimura[]

Masamune Matsuoka[]

Masamune and Midori were originally a team together in their middle school years. He is responsible for introducing Masamune to Survival Games, which takes place prior to the Manga and Anime's current setting. In the manga, we learnt thath he met Masamune in highschool, on the highschool's rooftop. Matsuoka was crying about his mother leaving him and in turn breaking her promise of return, and wanted to die. Midori told him that if he wanted to die so badly, he should just give his life to him. And that's what Masamune did. Midori took Matsuoka with him to play airsoft without telling the latter. He didn't mention it was a game and that the weapons were false so Masamune thought he was going to war and die. However, they won the game together. After that, they became friends and continued to play airsoft together. They joined Agartha, Gareki Shingen's team, a team with an absolute emperor system who had over 50 members. To keep their position in this team, they needed to constantly improve. That was bearable for Midori but not for Masamune who made mistakes intentionally and got punished every time. One day, Shingen said to Midori that he was a genius, he didn't need to work hard to get what he wanted, and that Masamune couldn't grow up if he stay with him. Since the day Matsuoka and himself left Agartha, Midori waited an opportunity to leave Masamune even if he didn't want to. Midori found the opportunity after Masamune meet Yukimura again. He told Masamune that he wasn't interested in him anymore and that he was tired of having him around every time. In chapter 54, after he learnt that Masamune was hurt and couldn't play until the end of the TGC, Midori was sort of perturbed by that. He's seen later in the match opposing his team and Dagger Snake, not moving when he is attacked by an opponent who jumped out from the bushes. He was dreaming while the opponent attacked. In his nightmare, he saw the moment when he told Masamune he didn't want to play Survival Games with him anymore. Later in the dream, he saw a happy Masamune come to him and say "We won the TGC !". Matsuoka also told him that he was glad to have been able to meet Midori. After that, Midori laughs and says that even in his dream, things go his way and that's disgusting. He wakes up directly, regain his will to win and shoots the opponent.

Hotaru Tachibana[]

Nagamasa Midori spots Hotaru at ECHIZEN while buying she was buying first gun. He greeted her warmly, giving her the impression that he was a very kind and friendly person. While he helped her to look for a gun suited for her, he does a quick body examination on her to gauge her body type and thus, which gun is more suited for her, and in Episode 8 it is revealed that he was already aware of Hotaru's real gender.

Hotaru does not realize Toy ☆ Gun Gun's hate toward Midori until her first TGC battle where he brutally defeated Masamune and Toru in front of her. He then used Hotaru's secret to surprise her, so Ichi can sniper her from afar. Since then, Hotaru is completely disgusted with his actions and ultimately regrets ever believing he was a nice guy. Hotaru plans to avenge Toy ☆ Gun Gun by supporting their goal of defeating Team Hoshishiro. He starts having subtle/almost questionable feelings for Hotaru. (When she is thanking him he blushes.) Albeit jokingly, he also asks her in the manga for him to kiss her in exchange for him lending her his towel in the male bath in the hot springs, and before he could reveal that he was joking, Hotaru kissed him out of desperation. We also see him help back up her second attempt to tell her team of her being a girl.


  • Nagamasa is based on the personification of the colour green that NAOE once drew in school.
  • Despite being a dual wielder, he rarely pulls out both rifles.
  • Nagamasa works in a hospital along with Takatora Fujimoto and Ichi Akabane.
  • Nagamasa knows that Hotaru Tachibana is a girl after examining her body while introducing her to new guns.
  • In Episode 8, it is shown that him and Matsuoka Masamune used to be childhood friends.
  • Midori Nagamasa was with Matsuoka Masamune when the latter purchased his first gun.
  • Somehow Midori resembles Izumi From MIYAKO, a light novel.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Nagamasa (永将) Eternal Commander
    • Midori (緑) Green