Yukimura Tooru
Tōru Yukimura
Name Yukimura Tooru
Kanji 雪村 透
Rōmaji Yukimura Tōru
Alias Kotori Piyoko (pseudonym)

Yukimura-san (Hotaru) Yukki (Masamune) Scruffy four-eyes (Ichi)

Age Adult
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Ethnicity Japanese
Gender Male
Height 173 cm (5"8)
Weight 54 kg
Birthday 8/14 (Leo)
Blood type AB
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Black
Professional Statistics
Team Toy ☆ Gun Gun
Occupation Mangaka
Position Sniper
First Appearance
Manga One-shot (Chapter 0)
Anime Episode 2
Anime Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Image Gallery
Tooru Yukimura (Japanese: 雪村 透 Yukimura Tōru, also spelled Tohru Yukimura) is the third protagonist, and a member of "Toy ☆ Gun Gun". He works as an ero-mangaka under the pseudonym of Kotori Piyoko (小鳥ぴよこ), and lives in room 204 of Tsukishiro apartments. His currently famous work is "My Little Sister is a Predator".


Tooru has short, messy raven black hair, black eyes and wears a pair of thick framed glasses. He is often shown wearing a long black sweater, a white shirt that isn't properly done, and a three quarter capri.

When he plays airsoft with his team, he wears a chestnut coloured scarf, a black military jacket, a green military cargo pant, ESS goggles, protective knee pads, and fingerless gloves. He also wears contacts during survival games, claiming that if he wears his glasses during matches, it would be like "running to the field naked".


He is a somewhat of quiet and a withdrawn individual, and does not seem to be friendly to Hotaru at first. He lacks physical stamina and has the least of it from among the members of his team (though he's willing to improve if only for Masamune). He is blunt when it comes to his thoughts, and is childish in his behavior at times. He is shown to care for Masamune Matsuoka greatly, calling him by his nickname "Mattsun" because the latter was his only friend at the time, and tends to support Masamune in most of his decisions. Because his very small amount of friends, and possibly his past, he can be awkward or shy at social situations with people not in his circle.

He learns to open up to Hotaru and to Haruki later on, and is often shown offering advice to Hotaru whenever she appears troubled. While Tooru is quite sensitive on the trouble his friends have, he tends to keep his troubled thoughts to himself. However, he tends to tell Hotaru more than anyone else in the team as the story progressed.

While outwardly he doesn't show much emotion, often sounding lazily drawling, looking sleepy or lazy, he seems to feel insecure about whether or not Masamune will leave him if he's not useful to the team. He also tends to violently react whenever Midori is concerned, probably due to what Midori did to Masamune in the past. He's also fiercely protective if someone else calls Masamune as theirs. Midori draws a violent reaction from him.

He seems to have a habit of giving his manga to people he "accepts", such as Hotaru, and later Fujimoto. Tooru seems to like erotic materials as he's seen reading ero-manga in public, and his apartment is littered with them.


  • Tooru's gun is a Dragunov SVD (AEG), Steyr TMP.
  • He likes sweet things, but dislikes animals in general, especially cats. However he is liked by animals.
  • He is referred to by Matsuoka as Yukki, Tõru himself calls Matsuoka by the nickname of Mattsun.
  • His favorite Tobacco brand is the "Lucky Strike Lights."
  • He is also a erotic S&M manga artist.
  • He wanted to write simple pure romances but his editor got carried away and pressured him into writing erotic manga
    • Nomenclature:
      • Tõru (透) Clear
      • Yukimura (雪村) Snow Village


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