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Takatora Fujimoto
Takatora Fujimoto.jpg
Name Takatora Fujimoto
Kanji 藤本 高虎
Rōmaji Fujimoto Takatora
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color White
Professional Statistics
Occupation Doctor
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 3
Anime Ryouhei Kimura
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Takatora Fujimoto is a character in Aoharu × Machinegun.

Alongside his quick feet, he is highly known for his ability to wield his heavy 20kg (44lb) mini-gun, easily destroying his enemies prior to being attacked. The intensity of Takatora’s mini-gun is so strong that it also destroys opponents prior to them feeling the pain, thereby giving him the name “The Assault Destroyer.”


He is a fair player on the battle field, as he warns Hotaru about the destructive power of his mini-gun, offering her opportunity to either forfeit the match or to play against him. He doesn't seem to use underhanded means to win a match, and in comparison to his easy going character, a more serious self of him begins to surface when he plays.


Takatora has unkempt white blonde hair and a tuff which falls in between his dark brown eyes. He is immensely tall, showing to have quite a height difference between him and Midori Nagamasa, and even being taller than Matsuoka Masamune. During the TGC he wears the standard Team Hoshishiro uniform which consists of white naval suit, a black inner shirt, a white tie and a pair of white pants. Takatora also wears a white trench coat, which emphasizes on his height along with a white naval hat and white gloves to match with the suit. To top it off, Takatora has a red earpiece on his left ear to communicate with his team during Survival Games, a military style backpack, and a pair of protection glasses, and a belt around his jacket.